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didn't need to, didn't have to, needn't have done

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences with didn’t need to/didn’t have to or needn’t have and an appropriate form of the verb from the brackets.

  1. I … anything special for the party. Wine was just fine. (bring)
  2. You … for the test. It has just been cancelled. (prepare)
  3. My parents … the car because they fixed the old one. (change)
  4. Why didn’t you leave these papers in the office? You really … them here. (bring)
  5. When I was a child my mother never made me drink milk, and I … things I didn’t like. (eat)
  6. You could have asked me for help. You … all the work by yourself. (do)
  7. Before the financial crash my mum … because we were awfully rich. (work)
  8. You … here. I completed the task without your help. (come)
  9. You really shouldn’t poke your nose into her affairs; you … her about her husband’s betrayal. (tell)
  10. I really like your cooking but you … me so many dishes. I’m full up and can’t have any more bites. (serve)
  11. We had  everything we needed so we … shopping. (go)
  12. You cannot use your notes during the test. You … them. (bring)
  13. She … her work so I’m sure she has already gone home. (finish)
  14. My sister is an edgy fellow but she really … our order after an hour of waiting. (cancel)
  15. ~I don’t know why she prepared so many dishes for dinner.
          ~She … for all of us. (cook)

didn't need to, didn't have to, needn't have done - ćwiczenia


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