INNE PRZEDMIOTY: Polski, Historia, WOS, Geografia,

Exercise 1

1.      I  want to go …to Paris …to Lyon. Both cities are boring.

a.     Neither … nor

b.     Both… and

c.     Whether… or


2.      I didn’t answer your call … I was taking a shower.

a.     So

b.     Because

c.     And


3.      You’re behaving … it was your flat. Remember: it isn’t.

a.     Even though

b.     As if

c.     If


4.      You can go to the party … you are back before midnight.

a.     Unless

b.     providing

c.     Supposing


5.      I’m not a specialist … I won’t help you. Maybe ask Isabel, she’s an accountant

a.     Or

b.     But

c.     So


6.      … the plane is late. What are we going to do then?

a.     As long as

b.     Supposing

c.     Providing


7.      You’re eating so much chocolate … you’re so overweight. You have to stop that.

a.     Unless

b.     Even though

c.     Even if


8.      … eating lots of vegetable … doing exercises is good for your health

a.     Whether…or

b.     Neither … nor

c.     Both…and


9.      You’ll go on a summer camp … you improve your grades.

a.     On condition that

b.     Supposing

c.     Unless


10.  We’ll stay longer at the seaside … it’s warm and sunny.

a.     Beside

b.     Under

c.     As long as


Exercise 2

1.      … you loose your keys. What would you do?

2.      … the freeze she walked 5 miles.

3.      … he comes … not I don’t care.

4.      You won’t get a good night’s rest … you have a comfortable bed.

5.      He said he would call. But he didn’t call … he promised.

6.      Tomorrow … we go to the cinema … to the beach, depending on the weather.

7.      We’ll go to the zoo … it’s warm tomorrow.

8.      She put the book … she put the dictionary.

9.      Paula cleaned all the house … her husband was sleeping.

10.  I’ll go on Saturday … Sunday. I don’t know yet.

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